About Us

My name is Daniel Henderson

As most people would know, my father Lindsay Henderson has been selling and installing poultry equipment for many years

Poultry Products Australia
continues that tradition

From a very young age I was working on many of your farms, learning everything about poultry farming from my father.  With a lifetime of experience I formed Poultry Products Australia and have been servicing and supplying farms both locally and around Australia.

Poultry Products Australia is not just a name but a service to its farmers, we have a strong work ethic and goals that benefit you:

  • We stand by our work and products, aiming to provide the highest quality products and services.
  • We are very passionate about bringing new products with great prices, to help improve the efficiency and operation of your farm.
  • We aim to establish a long term relationship with your farm, and it is in our best interest that your farm is successful.
  • We work on projects in all states of Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, giving us a broad range of experience.

We look forward to working with you.